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Blaze In The Press
This is where we will put copies of newspapers, magazines etc that Blaze and his appeal have been featured in.
From Pick Me Up Magazine 27th March 2010
Ballymena Times 7th December 2010
Ballymena Guardian 21st December 2010
This story ran on the Front Page
This is the 2nd half of the story was on Page 4
Ballymena Guardian 25th January 2011
This was a follow up piece they did after BLAZEFEST
This is a link to an article written about Blazefest-I like it for many reasons-but mainly because sometimes people who like certain things and look a certain way can be classed in a way which makes them seem like bad people or worse!  *Please note this article may offend some people *
Blaze was featured in the Balymena Guardian 6th September 2011
This was to promote and support the Royal Belfast Hospital For Sick Children's MRI Scanner Appeal
Blaze was featured in the Ballymena Guardian after his Christmas Time Donation-Click the link Below to Visit the Article :-