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Blaze's Story Page 2
21st May 2008 - Blaze had his catheter put back in as his kidneys were back up again. So Mr Bailie wanted to leave it 2 weeks to see if the catheter would help the situation any. We were also told today that the operation on Blaze's Left kidney was very likely. The pyleoplasty is going to remove a lot of the baggy kidney and reattach the tube removing the kink. Mr Bailie was hopeful that if Blaze's left kidney was operated on that the right kidney may be able to heal itself. Again its a very anxious time but we prepare ourself to send the wee man into theatre again.
4th June- Back up to see Mr Bailie-Blaze had an ultrasound which showed his kidneys were no better-and that his left kidney was very baggy and part of it looked like it had folded. Given a date for surgery-16th June Blaze was to be admitted for surgery on the 17th.
16th June- Admitted to Barbour Ward- this is now a very familiar place for us. As usual I stay with Blaze constantly when he is in hospital. So leaving Amber at home is tough. We had the proceedure explained to us and anaethatists took bloods and told us that they would probably just use a central line again-and all the risks of that were explained. I always hate signing those bright yellow forms-which although essential for concent to operate-always make me feel like I am signing my sons life away. Of course this is my heart talking and not my head which tried to calm me into remembering we do all this to try to help Blaze. But the uncertainty and worry can take over!
17th June-Operation Day- more to come check back soon!